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Germany's next Problogger

A few weeks ago I noticed a new German blog called Probloggerworld. The author mainly writes posts about blogging, monetizing websites, boosting traffic, and similar topics. Many of the posts have titles like Howto do ... or asking questions like Can you boost your traffic by ... (in German of course).

In the past 6 weeks Probloggerworld has had an average of 278 visitors a day according to the Blog Details at Bloggerei, a German blog directory that offers a hit counter service. Software Guide states that only 24% of German language blogs have more that 200 visitors a day, so 278 is not too bad, or is it? The most visited German blogs have more than 10,000 visitors a day and more than a thousand readers who subscribed to their RSS feeds.

Probloggerworld's articles are about gaining huge amounts of traffic without having much traffic itself. So where does the author's wisdom come from? Intuition?

Below I list some of his often repeated proposals and the techniques he uses:

  • Always have website traffic on your mind.
  • Write about topics that are popular on Technorati, Yigg (a German Digg clone), Blogscout, etc.
  • Don't use grammatical variations of your important keywords.
  • Make use of every opportunity to gain backlinks.
  • Probloggerworld uses lots of strong tags in his posts.
  • Probloggerworld uses lots of headings in his posts.
  • Probloggerworld repeats many keywords many times.
  • Probloggerworld submits all of his articles to Yigg.
  • Probloggerworld does not link sources of information.

That sounds like brilliant advice of a top notch, linkbait genius, and highly skilled SEO, doesn't it? I think Probloggerworld clearly overuses the techniques he proposes. Of course, when you blog about blogging or monetizing websites it is important to keep up with what's hot and what not. But it does not add much value to your blog if you only write about popular topics thousands of others already wrote about.

If you want to gain a readership, write about topics you are truly interested in and passionate about. Do not bother about using popular keywords. Write down your story as it comes from your mind. Let your thoughts flow. When your story is finished you can review it to see where it could use some optimization to be better found in search engines, but do not exaggerate.

Don't write your stories for search engines but for your human readers. Don't think it is bad to use grammatical variations or synonyms. Google and the other big ones use stemming algorithms as you can clearly see in their search results. If you write stories in a monotone voice they quickly get tiring and the visitors will not feel like reading other stories or coming back to your site.

Link your sources of information. You may fear that readers will leave your site when there are outbound links. They will do so anyway. Linking your sources is good because readers can easily find other articles of interest. The author's of the pages you link to probably check their referrers and may come to visit your site and it is way more likely that they link back to you if you link to them.

If you start blogging to make a living of it you'll need to write good content, which is easier when you write about topics you are interested in. Be patient, becoming successful can take a long time. If you only do it for the money and only think of traffic, SEO, and monetization, it will be very hard to achieve long-term success. People will find John Chow, who does it for fun I think, before they find you ;-)

Hi there! :)

Thank you for your detailed and instructive review of ProBloggerWorld. I appreciate it since it is from my point of view always very nice to know how others see my blog.

However I think one point is missing. ProBloggerWorld is mainly about traffic building and money. But as my title states, fun comes first.

I am passionated about the ProBlogging topic. Regarding the linking to sources I have to say, that my content relates 90% to my own experience about blogging and the blogosphere.

Before I started my blogs (3 highly active at the moment some in planning) I read around 1000 articles around blogging. Some tips influenced me some not.

One of my primary aims is to make use of my very own experience and that is from my point of view something special and must be considered.

I didn´t want to be the XXXth "I show you how to blog" blog, instead I wanted to create content mainly from my experience and that also means experience right from the start.

I try to be as concrete as possible. I more and more missed concrete tips on websites like problogger.net since they are at the top and don´t have the need to get to the top. What might worked years ago maybe doesn´t work today.

Maybe you wanna have a look at an interview with me that eint.de took with me (realeased on may, 22th) which will be linked later this day.

Thank you for your review. I will make use of your critics in your very informative blog.

Kind Regards + schönen Tag (a little German ;)),

Hi René

Thanks for your detailed and informative reply. Of course it is ok to write about your own experience.

I'll read your interview. In some points your blog is already quite successful. There are quite a lot of backlinks for the short time it exists on Technorati.

As you say yourself many of your posts polarize your readers and get them to discuss your posts in comments. This is another aspect where your blog is quite successful.

I still see the points of improvement but everyone has his own point of view.

Anyway keep on blogging und ebenfalls einen schönen Tag René

mal ne frage am rande. der beitrag war gut, aber warum bloggst du überhaupt in englisch? hast du parallel auch noch ein deutsches seo blog am laufen und wenn nein, warum nicht?

Hi Gerald ein deutsches SEO Blog habe ich nicht, aber ein deutsches Fußball Video Blog. Ursprünglich hatte ich überlegt hier ein zweisprachiges Blog zu machen, aber ich habe weder Lust noch Zeit das alles zu übersetzen.

Der Hauptgrund für die englische Sprache ist, dass ich damit potenziell mehr Leser erreiche. Ein guter Nebeneffekt ist die Sprachpraxis, was mir die Kommunikation auf English erleichtert.

so ähnlich habe ich das am anfang auch mal gedacht. ich hatte in meinem ersten privaten blog versucht beide sprachen zu mischen, das klappte aber nicht so recht. bin dann beim deutschen geblieben, fällt mir leichter und gibt mir mehr möglichkeiten zu meinen wortspielereien ;-)