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Sponsored Review of ReviewMe

Today ReviewMe opened it's doors to bloggers and advertisers. This post is a sponsored review of ReviewMe.

So what is review me all about? The concept behind ReviewMe is similar to that of PayPerPost with one major difference. Bloggers who write paid reviews about products are required to disclose their posts as advertising.

The concept of sponsored blog posts earned a lot of negative critics in the blogosphere. The main point of criticism was that bloggers can't be trusted any more and will loose credibility.

Sponsored posts is nothing revolutionary most blogs contain advertising in some form and there are many blog posts that include referral links without explicitly stating that it is an advertisement.

Especially "smart" bloggers even use JavaScript or redirects to obfuscate such links so that the link displayed on the status bar is not recognizable as a referral link.

Since ReviewMe requires bloggers to disclose their relations credibility should not be an issue. Readers will know that the blogger gets paid for the post.

I think this is one of the main benefits of ReviewMe so I registered an account today to learn more about and earn money with it.

Another aspect I like is that the blogger chooses which products to review. Provided ReviewMe will succeed in building a community of bloggers and advertisers, bloggers will be able to write reviews about products they are actually interested in. Obviously this is beneficial for the advertisers too.

The future will tell whether ReviewMe will still be there in Web 3.0. This was my first sponsored post for them. I guess it won't be the last. Check it out.