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Ultimate Collection of Free SEO Tools

This is a categorized listing of free SEO tools you can use for optimizing websites. For each category I give a short introduction about what the tools do. Most of them have an English interface and are web based.

Some tools need to be installed on a web server or a client connected to the Internet which is indicated in the introductory text or next to the link. Have fun trying out these free SEO tools!

Swiss Army Knives for SEO

These SEO tools check multiple SEO metrics in one step: Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank, Google Backlinks, Yahoo Backlinks, MSN Live Search Backlinks, Technorati Links, del.icio.us Bookmarks, Rojo links, Bloglines subscribers.

Firefox SEO Extensions

It should come as no surprise that you need Firefox to use the following tools. Similar to the Swiss army knives above many of the Firefox extensions listed perform various SEO related tasks and allow you to check: Google PageRank, Google Category, Alexa Rank, Compete Rank, Alexa related links and backward links from Google, Yahoo!, Alexa and MSN.

Search Engine Tools

Tools available from major search engines.

Keyword Research and Analysis

These tools are useful for keyword research, keyword analysis, checking keyword frequency, and getting keyword suggestions.

Keyword Ranking Tools

Tools for checking the search engine rankings for specified keywords on your site and/or top ranking sites (keyword competition).

Keyword Density Tools

Tools for analyzing the keyword density of web pages.

Google PageRank Tools

Tools for checking, monitoring, and predicting Google PageRank.

Backlink Checkers

Tools for checking backlinks and anchor texts found in various search engines and suggestions for linkbuilding.

Link Popularity / Link Value

Tools that measure the popularity and/or value of a link based on various criteria. Some off these tools can be embedded into websites to show off your immense popularity.

Link Tools

Tools for extracting links and searching websites for broken links.

Web Statistics and Tracking

Tools for analyzing website traffic and visitor tracking.

Crawling Test and Speed Check Tools

Tools for checking out how search engine crawlers (spiders) "view" web pages and how fast they are downloaded with different Internet connection bandwidths.

Meta Tag Tools

Tools for generating, optimizing, and extracting meta tags.

Domain Tools

Tools for retrieving data about domains, such as age and ip address, tools for finding expired domains, and domain name suggestion tools.

HTTP header viewer

Tools for viewing the HTTP header send to clients after requesting web pages.

Top Search Words / Search Buzz

Information on top search words by search engines, market places, news and blog aggregators, and download portals.

Misc Tools

Tools that don't fit into any of the above categories.

I tested all of these SEO tools to make sure they are useful and worth to be listed here. Did I miss a great tool? You can suggest other free SEO tools in your comments. Enjoy!

very great List. So much SEO tolls in one site. Very cool. Peter from Germany.
Thank you for this wonderful collection. Feel your self bookmarked.
Thanks for your feedback Robert! I don't know how it feels to be bookmarked, but I guess it must be like feeling browser buttons coming down all over me ;-)
Great job. Also check here for the ultimate list ofweb anlytics solutions: http://www.webanalyticsbook.com/webanalytics-vendor/
Good List! I made one with categories - it is in german but many words and tools are in english... http://www.fi-ausbilden.de/seo-tools.html
Nice collection of tools Ramiro. I have used/using most of them already. your collection will help webmasters very much. However, you seem to missed another category of tools i.e. Fake pagerank Checker, that helps Webmasters while buying Domains/Links.. Two tools I frequently use for this purpose are http://www.rankalert.net/fake-pagerank.php and http://www.seologs.com/pr-check/pagerank.html Hope it adds value to your post. Cheers
Thanks Chinmay for your proposal. I'll check out these tools for inclusion in the list.
Fine list, Ramiro. My SEO Tool for WordPress: wpSEO (german & english).

I just skimmed through the feature list of your tool, looks very interesting and is well worth trying out for every wordpress user who cares about SEO.

A good and very complete list, but which ones do you use ?

Evil question ;) First, as also mentioned in the article, I have tested them all, before posting theme here. I have the SearchStatus Firefox extension installed which offers many nice features and I more or less regularly use the following tools/services listed in no particular order:

  • Yahoo! Site Explorer
  • Google Sitemaps
  • Google Trends
  • SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Google AdWords: Keyword Tool
  • Overture: Keyword Selector Tool
  • iWebtool: Google PageRank Prediction
  • Webalizer
  • AWStats
  • Stuckdomains: Free Expired Domains Search
  • Text Link Ads: Ad Link Value Calculator

Since I wrote this article I found some other interesting tools, so I guess I will update this post sometime in the future.

What a great and useful list. I'm sure I'll write about that list on my own blog (german). Thanks!
Hi. This is a very long list of usefull tools. Many thanks.
I´ll like to send you another tool: www.webkataloge-assistent.de is a directory entry reminder tool in german language and with many german directories.

Only few Web directories will drive some traffic or influence your ranking, so for me this does not seem to be a particularly useful service, but maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

Good list, i know most of the tools, but a few are really new for me, thx
Not a good list, a grea list of good tools everyone is working with ever day, good work.
Thank you very much for these useful links.
thank you so much for this huge list of tools but i'm just wondering which among this tools you frequently used or more advisable to use?...
A good tool to check the backlinks and get an idea, what your pagerank could be is the X4d Backlinkchecker ;-)
very cool, just saved the whole list to my google notebook and will try all of them out in the next few days! thx :)
Hi all, a nice tool - an online tool - can you see by site-check.cc ;-)
A friend just pointed me to this.. pretty impressive list i must say :)
who can suggest real social bookmarkings stats, that means number of bookmarkings of all kinds site has? can't find any.
Hi! I found your site is so helpful! I am now working on my own personal blog page. www.dennisli.com I will be using your suggesting for optimizing my site! Thanks again! Dennis
Consider adding this new SEO tool too. http://www.ezbusinessneeds.com/dofollow.php
Hi. Thank you for this list of tools. I will definitely be trying them out. Do you also have a list of all tools that we can buy. I am looking for a tool to find a list of all keywords that are displayed on the first page of Google.com and Google.co.za for a particular clients domain without having to insert all the keywords. Thank you in advance Have an exSEOllent 2008
Thank you! I shall check out these tools for inclusion in my list.
Wow, some awesome ones here, actually almost ALL of the ones I use on a regular basis.

A couple more really effective ones to add to the pot.

Keyword Research - Pre Wordtracker/Keyword Discovery

* Keyword Research Tool - Covertsem.com
(For taking your market words too, and getting back the right power searches to take to the keyword stats research tools. Great prep tool)

Competition Analysis Tools

* Statbrain
(great tool for telling guessed stats of competitors websites)

Domain Name Selection Tools

* Keyword Counter/Domain Name Generator
(This one I figured out how to make it a great tool, take your keyword list from Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery and paste it in here. Take the top 10 results, and generate a domain name or names, and your top 70-80% of your keywords will be in your domain name, truly AWESOME)

Thats it. I'll keep looking back here for more.

Excellent list, plus the contributors added some nice extras. Will be playing with these new toys. Thank you very much for the information! Keep up the good work!
Thank you for tis great Collection of SEO-Tools! I´ll test theese Firefox SEO Extensions, too. Greetings Paul Trödel from NRW
Hi, I've been searched for this SEO tools long time. At last i've got by this website. it's really appreciated. it's working good. Thanks a lot! :-) Surendran. H

Link Builder
Thanks for listing all of these wonderful tools. In appreciation I have given you a thumbs up at StumbleUpon. Take care and keep up the good fight.
Great list - thanks.

Another tool that I use often for working on my search engine rankings is http://www.rankangel.com

This site helps you get a sense of how your page/site ranks in different search engines in response to specific keywords - and it allows you to setup projects that will retest every day and graph your results. The ability to create projects that retest your rankings regularly is great for building up a performance profile.

Here is my Free SEO Tools website.

Please add it to your wonderful SEO tools list.

Thanks, Yuriy
Great list - I've got two to add.

First Live HTTP Headers for Firefox:

Next The Sempai - I love their keyword generator, but there are a few other useful ones:
Nice collection Ramiro. I have used most of them. And SEO Analyzer by Raven is another great SEO tools. http://raven-seo-tools.com/seo-analyzer/
Sweet list, bookmarked.
Now i have the SEO tool for firefox i never seem to use internet explorer!
Good List. Very useful.
You can add this to Competition Analysis Tools www.cubestat.com great list btw
Very cool list, thank you for compiling it. I would include www.SEOKeywordRanking.com in the Keyword Ranking Tools section. It will send an automated progress report of your position in the SERPs, complete with charts.
Bookmarked! Thanks for all of the great information! I just created a new tool to find .edu blogs because even though the .edu tld is not necessarily better than .com, .net and .org tlds. Most educational sites are old, crusty and highly trusted pages with excellent PageRank! Plus a lot of educational blogs offer do follow links! The tool can be found at http://www.seopositions.net/edu-blog-finder.html
Hi, Great Collection of Free SEO Tools . These are a very useful tools to the newbie of SEO like me. I know most of the tools, few are really new for me, Thanks for sharing with us.
Hi there, as a SEO who needs permanent control - plus - precise information, I use the x4d Backlink checker and can highly recommend it. I does not always work ( because Google does not always give results ) but when it gives Infos, the are the best I can get. Greetings Chris Lejeune
SEO is a Techniques, its hard to give you a one liner or quick guidance but you can read link development and search engine optimization forums here at Digital Point and other material for a while to get some idea. after that if you have any specific question, feel free to ask and there are lot of people here would would like to help
Hi, Thanks for that immense piece of information.Will browse through this list in depth.Sure its really gonna be useful. Great info! Regards Sarah
DO NOT change the title of pages which are already doing well in SERPs. The moment you change the title, your page will surely go down in SERPs and will may or may not come again (in few weeks time) depending the extent of change you have done to it. 2. Meta Tags spamming. Don’t waste time in meta keyword stuffing. Its useless. Just keep very few keyword in it, if you want to.