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The Alexa Rank is an indicator for the traffic of a website. The rank is based on visits from users having the Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer or an appropriate extensions for Mozilla Firefox installed.

Web 2 Point Slow - Slowcial Communities

Web 2. SlowThe Web is one of the fastest changing media, but one aspect seems to remain unchanged: the Web is slow. Back when I started using the Web in the mid 90ies I either accessed the Internet from a computer in the university or from home with a 14K modem. It was a nuisance to download a page with more than 50KB.

Today, I use a DSL2000 connection to access the Internet, which is theoretically 140 times faster, but it still takes long to download many pages.

Blog Carnival: My Goals with SEO Expert Blog

This is the first time I take part in a blog carnival on SEO Expert Blog. The topic is goals with your blog. Yannick Eckl who runs the German blog Blogschrott.net initiated this blog carnival and will collect posts until 5th, July 2007. English posts are welcome.

Porn.org using Drupal

Usually it's Dries who announces what big sites use Drupal. In my referrer log I noticed a recent visitor was searching Google for Drupal Porn and came here. Being a curious guy, I checked out the SERPs and learned that Porn.org is using Drupal.

Being even more curious, I looked for more data on Porn.org using some of the free SEO tools I recommend for SEO related tasks. The domain is older than 8 years and Porn.org should attract lots of visitors.

Ultimate Collection of Free SEO Tools

This is a categorized listing of free SEO tools you can use for optimizing websites. For each category I give a short introduction about what the tools do. Most of them have an English interface and are web based.

Some tools need to be installed on a web server or a client connected to the Internet which is indicated in the introductory text or next to the link. Have fun trying out these free SEO tools!

SEO Book's SEO for Firefox Extension

This video introduces the SEO for Firefox extension by Aaron Wall, which displays many useful marketing data while you browse the web, e.g. Google PageRank, Age, Links: (Yahoo! Linkdomain), the number of times a URL has been bookmarked on Del.icio.us, an estimate of the total number of links to a site from blogs using Technorati, Alexa rank, and many more. This extension can be a very valuable SEO tool.

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