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Gotta Digg - The Unoffcial Digg Hymn

Is this catchy acoustic tune sang by three nice looking girls meant ironically or are the 3 performers true Digg lovers? Anyway, Kina and her two friends deserve respect for this soon-to-become-a-classic Digg hymn, called Gotta Digg!.

My favorite verse is number two because of it's brilliant lyrics which go like that:

Yigg Sucks Donkey Balls

Cloning web applications that are popular in America is en vogue in Germany. One example is yigg.de, which apparently is a Digg clone. The similar name is embarrassing enough, but originally they owned the domain digg.de. Digg was probably not very happy about that and forced them to change their name, but not the concept.

I tried yigg in the beginning of 2007 to check out how much traffic a yigg front page story generates. At that time it was about 100 referrers on the day the story was shown on the front page, which is nothing compared to Digg.

Blog Carnival: My Goals with SEO Expert Blog

This is the first time I take part in a blog carnival on SEO Expert Blog. The topic is goals with your blog. Yannick Eckl who runs the German blog Blogschrott.net initiated this blog carnival and will collect posts until 5th, July 2007. English posts are welcome.

MyBlogLog Enables Community Tagging

Today I noticed a new feature on MyBlogLog. Members can now tag communities. You can tag your own communities and all other communities too. The users who added a tag are displayed when you move the cursor over a tag.

Diggthis Drupal Module: New Releases

I just created two new releases for the Diggthis Drupal Module. I added a stable release for Drupal 4.7 in response to this forum thread and issues reported in the project's issue tracker.

The problems reported are not yet resolved in the develeopment release for Drupal 4.7. This development release is not suitable for production sites.

The new release for Drupal 5 has a new feature which enables you to set a weight for the Digg button to position it abbove or below the main content.

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