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Again a Google Toolbar PageRank Update!?

It looks like Google updated the toolbar PageRank again. The Search Status Firefox extensions just informed me about that. Two of my sites, including SEO Expert Blog, each lost one point. Additionally, I tried some free online SEO tools to check what they tell me, but none of them returned any data on PageRank, so I assume that Search Status tells the truth.

The Google toolbar could help here, but I really don't want to install that Google spyware extension. Anyway, as long as the traffic that comes from the big G does not decrease, I don't give a toss about it. Even if it decreases, I won't let Google dictate how I build my websites.

How to Avoid GoogleAds Display

No GoogleAds Google recently penalized link networks and web sites that sell or buy links by decreasing their PageRanks. To be more precise: sites that sell or buy links on their own or via link brokers such as Text Link Ads. These methods of link marketing do not comply with Google's Webmaster Guidelines, in contrast to buying Google AdWords or integrating Google AdSense on your site.

To get rid of Google's own ugly paid link advertising, that often points to useless spammy looking sites you can use the following methods discussed in this article:

Web 2 Point Slow - Slowcial Communities

Web 2. SlowThe Web is one of the fastest changing media, but one aspect seems to remain unchanged: the Web is slow. Back when I started using the Web in the mid 90ies I either accessed the Internet from a computer in the university or from home with a 14K modem. It was a nuisance to download a page with more than 50KB.

Today, I use a DSL2000 connection to access the Internet, which is theoretically 140 times faster, but it still takes long to download many pages.

My Favorite Firefox Extensions

Firefox is a great Web browser. It offers good Web standards support and is open source. As a Web developer who regularly creates templates/themes based on Photoshop designs, Web standards compliance is a very important aspect and one of the reasons I hate Internet Explorer. As a person who believes in the spirit of open source, it is also important that Firefox is open source software.

The speed of Web page rendering is not the biggest strength of Firefox, there are other browsers that render pages more quickly, but the most important aspect, that makes Firefox incomparably useful are the free extensions available.

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Technorati: New Design Messed up in Firefox

One of the websites I check early on a working day is Technorati. Today I was somehow surprised when I saw what you can see below on the screen showing the new design of Technorati viewed with Firefox version

Technorati homepage new design viewed with Firefox

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