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David Lynch Bashes the iPhone

The famous movie director David Lynch advises to get real and not watch movies on your fucking telephone. He surely not only bashes the iPhone here but any mobile device with a small screen that can be used to play back video.

From a visual artist's point of it's comprehensible to not promote watching movies, clips, etc. on iPhone, iPod and whatever these devices are named. Anyway, for listening to music, making phone calls or exchanging messages a smart phone like the iPhone is a useful gadget.

Video Links for 04.07.2007

I love video sharing sites, to me they are one of the greatest inventions in the so called Web 2.0. I used to regularly post videos on this site, but I stopped doing so exactly one month ago, because I started focusing more on, well, useful content.

Nonetheless, I still like to watch online videos. So here is a list of videos I watched recently and deem worth linking, because, I find them interesting, catchy, funny, strange, shocking, alarming, disgusting...

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