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MyBlogLog or How to Leave Your Footprints

I wonder why people don't care about privacy anymore or is it just the 15 seconds of fame you get when someone visits your MyBlogLog community or even your website? Many sites use a widget provided by MyBlogLog that shows their recent visitors who have the necessary MyBlogLog cookie saved on their computers.

From an SEO point of view this is just another method to gain some attraction. That's why many people use avatars of barely dressed women with big tits or used animated gifs when they were still allowed.

MyBlogLog Enables Community Tagging

Today I noticed a new feature on MyBlogLog. Members can now tag communities. You can tag your own communities and all other communities too. The users who added a tag are displayed when you move the cursor over a tag.

How to add a touch of Web 1.0 to Web 2.0

Become a member of MyBlogLog, upload a nice animated GIF as your avatar and visit the websites that include MyBlogLogs's Recent Readers widget. The good old days of the Web are back.

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