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Search Engine for Males

msdewey.com is a search service powered by Microsoft's Live Search. A nice looking woman is distracting the user. Moreover the presentation of the search results is not really user friendly.

The idea is not too bad but the implementation is a usability horror. If you really want to search for something this is probably not the site you will visit.

Quick Lookup a Reference for Web Developers

Quick Lookup is a nice new tool for Web developers based on AJAX technologies. It offers a tabbed search interface that lets users currently choose between PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS. Search is performed while typing. The results display quick reference information for functions, methods, classes, attributes, etc. For more in-depth information there is also a link to the documentation source. A great idea. Give it a try.

Yahoo O'Reilly Tech Buzz Game

The Tech Buzz Game is a fantasy prediction market for technology by Yahoo! Research and O'Reilly Media. Buzz Game players can buy virtual stock in technologies they consider popular and sell those that turn out to lack substance. A technologie's popularity (buzz) is measured in Yahoo! Search frequency over time.

Google AJAX Search API

Google has released a new AJAX Search API that lets you integrate a dynamic Google Search form on your website using AJAX technology. Currently the API is an experimental beta version (V0.1) not suitable for production sites. The API can be used on commercial websites provided they are not exclusively available for paying customers or only within an enterprise or intranet application. Version 1.0 of the API will probably support advertising features.

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