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SEOmoz's SEO Expert Quiz

Do you think you are an SEO Expert? When you have 30 minutes of spare time, go and take SEOmoz.org's SEO Expert quiz to test your SEO knowledge and get an idea of how realistic your own assessment is.

You will be asked 75 multiple choice questions with 1 correct answer for each of them. I just took the SEO quiz and from now on will call myself The Dark Lord of SEO, though I still haven't watched Episodes I and III. I received a score of 95%, not being correct with the following three questions:

Web 2 Point Slow - Slowcial Communities

Web 2. SlowThe Web is one of the fastest changing media, but one aspect seems to remain unchanged: the Web is slow. Back when I started using the Web in the mid 90ies I either accessed the Internet from a computer in the university or from home with a 14K modem. It was a nuisance to download a page with more than 50KB.

Today, I use a DSL2000 connection to access the Internet, which is theoretically 140 times faster, but it still takes long to download many pages.

I am Addicted to Blogging

I just tested my blogging addiction with the result shown below on the image. I think 74% means I spent to much time on the Internet and should start to focus more on other stuff. I think I will be satisfied when me addiction has decreased to 70% the next time I take the test ;)

my blogging addiction
How addicted are you to blogging?
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