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The Santa Claus Drill Instructor

Hard times for every wannabe Santa Claus. The US army set up a Santa Claus drill instructor to teach what being Santa Claus is all about. Watch the shocking real world material covered in this YouTube video.

Here Comes Another Bubble - The Richter Scales

The Richter Scales are a group of singers, always with their fingers on the pulse of Silicon Valley. They recently released this viral video on YouTube which is a huge success with more than 440.000 views within 5 days.

The video arrangement and the subtle lyrics for Here Comes Another Bubble, a music video about the Web 2.0 bubble, took a few months of work and it's worth it. The melody is from We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel.

Top Yigger Recommends Comment Spam

Number 1 yigg user baynado made this screencast on how to use the Yigg Spion (yigg spy) to find out which articles are most viewed and recommends to post links in the comments of these posts, wishing his audience happy spamming.

The Most Incomplete List of Drupal Sites

Inspired by Dries Buytaert's regular announcements of new Drupal sites, I did some (re)search on which news sites, universities, organizations, companies, musicians, celebrities, communities, software projects, etc. are using Drupal for their websites. The result is the following list of sites, that impressed me somehow. Of course the list is far from complete, so feel free to post Drupal sites you like in the comments.

Bands, Musicians and Celebrities

Video Links for 04.07.2007

I love video sharing sites, to me they are one of the greatest inventions in the so called Web 2.0. I used to regularly post videos on this site, but I stopped doing so exactly one month ago, because I started focusing more on, well, useful content.

Nonetheless, I still like to watch online videos. So here is a list of videos I watched recently and deem worth linking, because, I find them interesting, catchy, funny, strange, shocking, alarming, disgusting...

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