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George Walker Bush's Christmas Song

In the video George Walker Bush speaks the lyrics of John Lennon's song Happy Christmas (War Is Over). Music and text are mixed with pictures of war and the president of the United States himself, grinning evil.

War is over is often repeated by Mr. Bush but that's bullshit. According to a sadly impressive list on Wikipedia the United States took part in more than 30 wars and conflicts since the end of World War II. Nowadays wars are called Operation whatever freedom. Maybe some people believe that war is over and sing together with the president.

Video Links for 04.07.2007

I love video sharing sites, to me they are one of the greatest inventions in the so called Web 2.0. I used to regularly post videos on this site, but I stopped doing so exactly one month ago, because I started focusing more on, well, useful content.

Nonetheless, I still like to watch online videos. So here is a list of videos I watched recently and deem worth linking, because, I find them interesting, catchy, funny, strange, shocking, alarming, disgusting...

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