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Google Chrome Reaches the Critical Mass

One day after the initial release of Chrome, Google's new browser is one of the hot topics on the Web. As usual when Google releases something new, you can hear many voices hail out loud, that the world is going to be a better place from now on.

Fortunately, there are also critical voices from people who dig a little deeper and don't believe that Google does everything out of pure altruism. Labeling them as conspiracy theorists may be fun for Google employees, but it shows how serious they are taking their users' privacy concerns.

The Most Incomplete List of Drupal Sites

Inspired by Dries Buytaert's regular announcements of new Drupal sites, I did some (re)search on which news sites, universities, organizations, companies, musicians, celebrities, communities, software projects, etc. are using Drupal for their websites. The result is the following list of sites, that impressed me somehow. Of course the list is far from complete, so feel free to post Drupal sites you like in the comments.

Bands, Musicians and Celebrities

The GIMP Resource List

GIMP LogoThe GNU Image Manipulation Program, a.k.a. GIMP, is a fantastic open source raster graphics editor freely available for many platforms. GIMP can be used for professional graphics, logo and Web design, photo editing, batch processing of image files, photo effects, and much more. The following list contains many cool GIMP resources.

My Favorite Firefox Extensions

Firefox is a great Web browser. It offers good Web standards support and is open source. As a Web developer who regularly creates templates/themes based on Photoshop designs, Web standards compliance is a very important aspect and one of the reasons I hate Internet Explorer. As a person who believes in the spirit of open source, it is also important that Firefox is open source software.

The speed of Web page rendering is not the biggest strength of Firefox, there are other browsers that render pages more quickly, but the most important aspect, that makes Firefox incomparably useful are the free extensions available.

Get Firefox

Ultimate Collection of Free SEO Tools

This is a categorized listing of free SEO tools you can use for optimizing websites. For each category I give a short introduction about what the tools do. Most of them have an English interface and are web based.

Some tools need to be installed on a web server or a client connected to the Internet which is indicated in the introductory text or next to the link. Have fun trying out these free SEO tools!

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