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Drupal is a free modular web application framework originally written by Dries Buytaert. Drupal is written in PHP and can be used with various relational database management systems.

Google's Wonder Wheel on Drupal

One of Google's current experiments enables participants to use options for restricting search results by certain criteria or to use tools like the wonder wheel for related query suggestions on Google's search result pages.

Bash Accelerated Drupal Installation

When developing Drupal modules or checking out modules I don't know yet, I run an instance of Drupal on my local machine. Sooner or later I feel the need to erase this installation and do a fresh install. The Drupal installation process is pretty straightforward and simple making it a good candidate for automating at least parts of it.

In the Drubuntu Drupal group I found this install script for Drupal that does not only install Drupal but also creates an operating system user, as well as apache2 and DNS configurations. A pretty useful script, but it does too much for my development needs.

Linking the Logo to the Home Page with JavaScript

The logo of a Web site is not only important for branding but also as a navigational element, that many users expect to link to the home page. According to usability guru Jakob Nielsen the first of Ten Good Deeds in Web Design you can do is link your logo to the home page except you are on the home page.

Mr. Nielsen conducted many usability studies and has written groundbreaking articles and books on Web usability. Good reason for me to trust him when it comes to this topic, especially when it sounds completely plausible.

How to Optimize Views 2 More Links Anchor Texts

One of the great improvements in Views 2 is the ability to create various page and block displays for one view. Block views can be linked to a page display when the More link option in the block's settings is enabled.

If there are one or more page displays set up in the view, the page to be linked can be chosen after clicking on the link next to the Page display option. See the screenshot below for an example:

Drupal.org Redesign Yahoo Pipe and Widget

According to Dries' State of Drupal 2008 presentation backed by a survey with 1367 participants the drupal.org redesign is a very important task for improving the user experience of the Drupal project as a whole.

In the current stage of the redesign process feedback from drupal.org users is essential. To participate the GDO Redesign group is a good starting point.

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