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Drupal is a free modular web application framework originally written by Dries Buytaert. Drupal is written in PHP and can be used with various relational database management systems.

Drupal 6 Released - AHAH Forms

Drupal 6 was released today. One of the most exciting new features to me — I only recently learned about — is that the AHAH (Asychronous HTML and HTTP) framework made it into the Drupal core. This means you can create asychronous HTTP request, commonly referred to as AJAX, without writing a single line of JavaScript code.

The new Forms API comes with an #ahah attribute that lets you specify the trigger event, e.g. a mouse click, the callback URL that will be requested after the event occurred and the ID value of the HTML element where the server response will be displayed. Pretty awesome stuff.

Finally Watched the Theme Developer Screencast

I first heard about the Theme Developer module in Lullabot Podcast No. 52. This new Drupal 6 module is part of the great Devel Package, that helps developing for Drupal in many ways.

Yesterday, I watched the Theme Developer Screencast where Moshe Weitzman guides us on how to use the Theme Developer module and what can be done with it. Moshe Weitzman, Jeff Robbins, and Joon Park did nothing less than creating the Firebug for Drupal theming, wow!

The Most Incomplete List of Drupal Sites

Inspired by Dries Buytaert's regular announcements of new Drupal sites, I did some (re)search on which news sites, universities, organizations, companies, musicians, celebrities, communities, software projects, etc. are using Drupal for their websites. The result is the following list of sites, that impressed me somehow. Of course the list is far from complete, so feel free to post Drupal sites you like in the comments.

Bands, Musicians and Celebrities

Drupal Best Practice: Check the Status Report

Yesterday I spent about two hours looking for a bug, that prevented videos from being uploaded to a Drupal site using Drupal's built in upload.module. The latest SVN commit could not have been the reason for the error, because only two lines of descriptive text appearing on the front end were added.

Creating Amazon Ads that Rock with jQuery and PHP

Are you sick of annoying ads that take up large parts of the screen, pop up, under or anywhere else, move around, blink and flash? You want to learn how to create ads that rock with a few lines of simple JavaScript and PHP code? Then let me show you how.

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