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Drupal is a free modular web application framework originally written by Dries Buytaert. Drupal is written in PHP and can be used with various relational database management systems.

Yahoo lists XML Sitemap in SERPs

Looking at the logs of a Drupal site I just noticed that Yahoo lists XML Sitemaps in SERPs. On that site the XML Sitemap Drupal module is installed, which automatically generates an XML Sitemap from your content and if you wish also includes the category pages. There are some other quite useful configuration options the module offers and it can be set to write log messages in Drupal's watchdog table.

Diggthis Drupal Module: New Releases

I just created two new releases for the Diggthis Drupal Module. I added a stable release for Drupal 4.7 in response to this forum thread and issues reported in the project's issue tracker.

The problems reported are not yet resolved in the develeopment release for Drupal 4.7. This development release is not suitable for production sites.

The new release for Drupal 5 has a new feature which enables you to set a weight for the Digg button to position it abbove or below the main content.

SEOigg German Digg clone about SEO

SEOigg is a new German Digg clone dedicated to SEO and Internet marketing. The stories posted are mainly in German, some are in English. On the front page you see the stories that received the most SEOiggs in a certain time range.

Currently there are stories that received 3 to 30 SEOiggs on the front page. Nothing compared to Digg.com, but considering that the site started this week and is mainly targeted to a German audience this is not too bad. Of course there is also a queue of new stories and a list of top users.

Drupal Block Snippet: Recent Comments by

The Drupal core comment module comes with a block called Recent Comments, that displays links to the latest comments, the comment author's name and the time that passed since the comment was posted.

If you configure the comment module so that users can enter their homepage URL the comment author's name displayed in the comment block is not a link to the URL entered.

Considering the huge amount of spam comments blogs receive this seems perfectly reasonably. But you can configure Drupal so that comments by anonymous user's must be approved. This way you can prevent spam comments from being displayed publicly.

Screencast: How to create content in Drupal

This screencast teaches the basics of how to create content using the open source content management system Drupal.

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